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"In the summer of 2016 I began having Pelvic Pain.  As anyone suffering from Pelvic Pain knows it is exceptionally intrusive and causes life changes that are difficult to cope with.  After seeing several doctors over the next year to 18 months  my urologist, who wouldn’t give up, highly recommended I see Cara.  One of the doctors I saw before Cara was a Physiatrist who was insensitive and left me and my wife very apprehensive about any such further treatment. 


When we first met Cara my wife and I were both worried because of our previous experience during the exam by a Physiatrist.  Cara was patient and sensitive to our concerns.  Cara’s personality was disarming.  With her knowledge, personality, passion and genuine empathy Cara changed my life, she gave me my life back.  Over time, I have been treated by Cara several times.  We think of her as more than a healthcare professional, we think of her as a friend and hold her in high regard.  She is an amazing person. 


A few lines will never be able to fully express the appreciation my wife and I have for Cara.  Anyone that sees her will quickly understand."

-50 Year Old Male Pelvic Pain Patient

"Dr. Cara is awesome and she understands everything I'm going through. She was my favorite doctor from our first session."

-28 Year Old Female Pelvic Pain Patient

"I highly recommend Dr. Cara!!  I saw her during my 3rd trimester for pelvic floor therapy. I wish I had known about her for my first pregnancy. I truly believe that her services prepared me (mentally and physically) and enabled me to have a great at home water birth. She is so knowledgeable, patient and empowering. I was so nervous but her breathing exercises and other exercises really helped me feel prepared to have a natural birth. Her skills and guidance helped my body prepare for birth. I truly can’t say enough of all the ways her services helped me. I will be forever grateful for my dream home birth. Thank you so much Dr Cara."

-40 Year Old Female Pre/Postnatal Patient

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